Join The Fun And Win Big At Pin-up Bet: India’s Most Popular Site For Online Casino And Betting – It’s another hot day and you go to the pool. what are you doing in the pool Play a game of pool of course! These are some of the most unique pool games and are perfect if you want a pool party or just a game of pool for the kids to play on a hot summer day!

My family spends the summer at the pool, playing water games and just having a great time!

Join The Fun And Win Big At Pin-up Bet: India’s Most Popular Site For Online Casino And Betting

Join The Fun And Win Big At Pin-up Bet: India's Most Popular Site For Online Casino And Betting

One of my favorite things to do by the pool is play pool games. It’s all on our summer bucket list! You don’t have to have a pool party to play pool games – just others do!

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And please make sure you supervise children when playing any of these pool games. Some of these games include water diving, competitive swimming and other silly things. Water can be a dangerous place – so be careful if they play any of these games.

I’ve divided this list into a few different sections – pool games for kids and pool games for adults (or kids/teens). And honestly, all the games can be played by anyone, but the adult games tend to be a bit more difficult, so maybe teens and older.

I also suggest if you are going to play this pool game, be careful if you are in a busy public pool. Some of them are definitely suitable for private pools or public pools where there are not too many people. For each game, I made a note of what I recommend.

As I said earlier, all these games can be played by adults, but for a pool game that can be played by kids, it’s easy! This includes some classics as well as other games that I know I didn’t play growing up! Kids these days are definitely more creative when it comes to pool party games!

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If you’ve never played Marco Polo before, you’re missing out on a classic pool party. A person closes his eyes and counts to ten. Everyone scatters around the pool as they count.

The person «Marco» continued to close his eyes and run around the pool called «Marco» as they left. When they called Marco, everyone above the water had to shout «Polo» loudly. Obviously you don’t have to say anything if you’re underwater, but you can’t go underwater after they say Marco doesn’t say Polo.

If the person who marks someone else, that person changes place and becomes one to call Marco and look for other players.

Join The Fun And Win Big At Pin-up Bet: India's Most Popular Site For Online Casino And Betting

Choose one person to be the shark (or two if you have more than 10 people) and everyone else to be the minnows. If you are playing in a small pool, the shark stands in the middle of the pool and all the minnows stand on one side of the pool facing the shark. If it is a large pool, select a section of the pool and go from one side to the other, walk through the shorter pool.

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The shark says «fish, fish, come play,» and the minnow has to run to meet the shark, and the shark stays put. Then whenever they want a shark (or a real shark if there are more than one) they can shout Shark Attack. When he yells Shark Attack, the minnows must try to run/swim to the other side of the pool without being tagged by the shark. If they are marked, they become sharks, so there are more sharks in the next round.

Continue playing until there is only one minnow left, which becomes the default shark for the next game.

Make several changes, from different amounts (quarters, nickels, dimes, etc.) to the bottom of the pool – choose the depth based on how experienced your swimmers are. When the person in charge says go, the players must enter the water and see how many change they can collect from the bottom of the pool.

The hardest part? They can only take one coin per hand at a time (so they can take two coins if they are within range of each other). Continue playing until all changes are found and the person with the most money (not the most coins) wins. Or if you want to make it easy for the kids, just whoever can get the most coins (ignore the dollar amount). Big Dot Of Happiness Strike Up The Fun

If you are doing this as one of your pool party games, you can give out a penny roll or these candies as a prize for the winner. Or let them keep the coins they collect.

Throw ping pong balls (you can get them in bulk here) along the pool and have everyone play standing outside the pool. When the ping pong ball is scattered all over the pool, say go and everyone has to jump into the pool to start the game.

In order to play, players must «drive» the ping pong balls to a designated wall in the pool without actually touching them. They can make waves, splash, or do anything else to make the ping pong ball move around the pool – but they can’t actually physically touch the ball. Once the ping pong ball touches the designated wall, they can retrieve it from the water and put it in a bucket at the edge of the pool as a score for their team (or themselves).

Join The Fun And Win Big At Pin-up Bet: India's Most Popular Site For Online Casino And Betting

You can also play with this rubber duck if you want to go more with the mother duck theme.

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I have a bunch of ping pong balls that I played all those minutes to get the game, so here’s another one that uses it in the pool. They are perfect for pool games because they float!

In this game, all players stand inside the pool but on the edge of the pool and hug the wall with their eyes closed or facing the outside of the pool. Drop the ping pong balls into the pool and flick them around the pool.

When you say go, the players should close their eyes and look for a pool of ping pong balls. First player to find five ping pong balls with eyes closed. If it’s a small private pool and you have a lot of ping pong balls, you can go up to 10 balls.

Play a pool version of the popular H-O-R-S-E basketball game. One person takes a shot at the basketball hoop and if he succeeds, the next player has to take the same shot to be sure. If they shoot, they can go. If they miss a shot, they get an «H».

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Another person chooses a shot and shoots. Again, if they make everyone try the same shot and anyone who misses gets a letter with the word H-O-R-S-E. Once you spell HORSE, you’re out. The game continues until everyone has spelled HORSE except for one person, the winner.

Need a break from the water? This pool party bingo game will give kids a great opportunity to drink strawberry lavender lemonade and take a break from swimming while having fun! Or it’s the perfect way to get them to actually eat some food – tell them to eat while you play bingo!

Build an obstacle course in the pool for the children to pass. Time how long it takes to overcome the obstacles (if you want some kind of competition) or just let the kids go through them for fun.

Join The Fun And Win Big At Pin-up Bet: India's Most Popular Site For Online Casino And Betting

The basic idea is that one person is «it» and the other is trying not to be labeled. I recommend playing this game in a small part of the pool so that these people have less distance. That person stood in the middle and everyone else stood on one side of the pool.

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To start the game, the person has to say something like «Marvel superheroes» and then say go. Players must swim from one side of the pool to the other without needing a tag.

If a player is tagged, they must shout something from this theme in 3 seconds, similar to this sporcle game, and can continue working. If the players don’t tag and get on the wall, they have to shout something off topic, something that no one has named. Since marked players also name things, everyone must attend to the entire round.

So if someone is tagged and says Captain America, the person who gets to the wall first can’t say Captain America – they have to say Iron Man or another character from Infinity War.

Whenever something is labeled or goes up on the wall, it should be

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