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Pinnacle: Where Gaming Meets Entertainment

Pinnacle: Where Gaming Meets Entertainment

This brand new booster box contains updated archetype cards, a battle reference table and conversion guide for the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, over one hundred full-color cardboard pawns, and a new 32-page book containing source material and two full adventures. For the moons of Mongo!

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Bring your game to life with 144 full-color pawns, including Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, Hans Zarkov, Ming and his army, all our archetypes, and a fantastic assortment of colorful and terrifying monsters! Each pawn is die-cut, made of thick cardboard and has a front and back for full immersion. They are perfect for use with our Savage World of Flash Gordon™ battle cards and blend in perfectly with our miniatures too!

We’ve also included a simple conversion guide that updates Savage World of Flash Gordon™ to the latest version of the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules. It also comes with brand new printed threat cards and a combat reference table!

To top it all off, a new 32-page sourcebook and adventure—Mongo’s Moon! Travel to the outer moon of Exila to rescue a kidnapped Freemen spy before it’s too late. Or read a disturbing rocket crash on the surface of Lunita. Was it a freak geomagnetic storm that grounded your spaceship, or was it something more sinister?

The digital versions of these assets also include character foils that your players can create and print for their planetary heroes, along with gorgeous wallpapers and «check-in» propaganda posters that you can print and use to find new groups of heroics. adventurers. !

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Legends of Mongo Booster Box includes a range of new and updated content for Flash Gordon™ fans! All items included in the booster box are detailed below, as well as additional information on our DIY VTT assets. If you want to know more about the additional bonuses we include with your bet, or the treasures found in the limited edition box, see the add-ons at the bottom of the page.

Legends of Mongo includes eight pawn pages, twelve updated archetype cards, a 32-page Moon of Mongo adventure, updated threat cards, an updated battle reference chart, and a conversion guide. You’ll also get a bonus PDF with updated character skins and propaganda posters and wallpaper downloads. Print versions of «Sign Up» promotional posters to find new players for your next game!

This 32-page paperback book provides GMs with all the information they need to run games on the Exila and Lunita moons. Inside are maps, new item stats, enemies, and two feature-length adventures. Track down a kidnapped spy on Exila or survive a freak electromagnetic storm on Lunita!

Pinnacle: Where Gaming Meets Entertainment

Twelve characters on 127×89 mm, strong and durable 350 g/m² cardboard. Ready to play and play at home, in stores or at conventions!

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Three all-new archetypes based on the original Flash Gordon™ RPG archetypes join the nine updated maps. Built for the veteran ranks, these are great tools for new players or game regulars to dive straight into the pulp action and high-steaming antics found in Mongo (and beyond)!

Bring your pulp adventures to life with a huge selection of champions, villains, minions and more! With front and back illustrations, everyone at the table will enjoy these iconic Flash Gordon™ characters, whether they’re fighting with or against the characters.

Easy reference cards for some of the most iconic creatures and antagonists in the Flash Gordon™ RPG!

This deal helps everyone at the table remember their options during battle! This helps your visit go by faster! ferocious! fun!

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This quick and easy guide contains all the information you need to use the Flash Gordon™ core rules and the Kingdom of Mongo book along with the latest Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules.

This document contains a character sheet, stat blocks to use for vehicles and allies, space for your character’s background, a grid for Nemesis notes, contacts, and maps. There’s also a quick reference chart for battle tactics, Flash Gordon™ setting rules, a creative battle chart, and a planetary romance chart.

Includes Legend of Mongo (digital) and VTT, Legend of Mongo (print) and VTT, and Champion of the Wild Planets game levels.

Pinnacle: Where Gaming Meets Entertainment

Our books, cards, pawns and more. Originally created in various formats for print and digital distribution, there is additional work to prepare them for deployment on a virtual desktop platform. We convert our pawns to tokens (see below), configure our maps for ease of use on the VTT network, and otherwise set everything up to be as user-friendly as possible. We’ve created DIY VTT assets to give you better control over how they’ll be implemented on your platform of choice. If you want to set up your game in a specific way or want to get online as fast as possible, these are the assets for you.

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Modules tailored to specific VTT platforms with additional features such as automation can be sold separately on the website or in the platform marketplace.

Is the game on? We deliver our products worldwide through traditional distribution and directly to our retail partners. We know not everyone has a great game store nearby, so we ship directly to you. This allows us to help everyone and fun accessories like our archetype cards and other unpackaged goodies are not easily stored or sold in stores.

Flash Gordon™: Legends of Mongo Booster Box is in layout. Your support allows us to reach out to other fans (by far the hardest challenge for a small company like ours).

When you pledge, Game on Tabletop will allow you to select your region to determine the shipping cost. If you want to know how much shipping will cost, select the reward level you want, add add-ons, and then select your region. Game on Tabletop will calculate your delivery right there.

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Note: If you don’t see your country listed in our shipping options, it means you’re located in a location that requires a specific shipping quote from us. Leave a comment or email us at so we can help!

We plan to release the final PDF of the adventure, cards, and pawns a few weeks after the campaign funds. This means you will receive your rewards:

We initially distribute PDF materials through Game on Tabletop. The final PDF files are distributed via the Pinnacle website and

Pinnacle: Where Gaming Meets Entertainment

After the campaign ends, Game on Tabletop’s Pledge Manager opens and allows you to include additional Pinnacle products with your pledge and modify your existing pledge. You can also add extra copies of any printed items you want from the reward tiers, such as an extra penny (if you want extra digital items like PDFs of our other settings, you can go to our website to get them).

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Our boosters are small projects to support our existing lines and have built-in booster rewards, not stretch goals. The adventure is written and outlined, the art is done, and we’re ready to send everything from the campaign to the printing press right away! But campaigns are an important part of our community and our business. By running a Flash Gordon™ RPG: Legends of Mongo Booster Box campaign we can:

If you’d like to get the Flash Gordon™: Legends of Mongo Booster Box (and other Pinnacle products) and support your local game store, let them know! Retailers can sign up for our newsletter to receive discounted versions of campaign rewards, including campaign promotions! Retailers also receive their rewards when backorders leave, usually weeks before they appear in the traditional distribution chain.

If you want to get the Flash Gordon™: Legends of Mongo Booster Box as easy as possible, just return this campaign to the desired level and you’re good to go! If you want to support your local store, you can commit to the digital level to get your PDF as soon as possible and then order the print version of the book from your local store later this year. (Be sure to tell them otherwise they won’t be ordering any copies themselves!)

The free people who secretly oppose the Emperor’s terror are revolutionaries gathered from many kingdoms around the world. From the winged hawk-men to the ice giants of the Nak, the water-breathing Coralians, the tree-dwelling Arborians, the wandering lion-men, and the dwarves of the Magnetic Mountains, many who have suffered under Emperor Ming’s Drogyron fist are united under their own rule. standard. They are fighting to overthrow the Ming and make freedom for all the law of the land!

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Inspiring this growing rebellion are three extraterrestrials from Earth: Dr. Hans Zarkov, Dale Arden and Flash Gordon, whose face inspires all who want to live in a world without Ming!

The Flash Gordon™ RPG core rulebook contains detailed rules for character creation, new races, coasts and obstacles, gear, rocket ships, and more.

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