Pinnacle: Your One-stop Destination For Online Casino Gaming – Aptly named, the Pinnacle Luxury Rift Disc Wheel takes all the best that a fifth wheel has to offer and elevates it to the pinnacle of technology, luxury and attention to detail. The 102 inch wide body design provides the most accessible space in the industry. Space for solid wood cabinets and the Magnum 6XL ceiling rafter system – a 6-inch ceiling that does not stretch, creating higher ceilings throughout. Available in three beautiful full-body paint finishes, try the Camping Pinnacle today.

Solar power gives RVers new freedom when it comes to their camping experiences by allowing users to break away from the limitations of shore power. RV now offers various levels of optional solar packages on travel trailers, semi-trailers and toy trailers. Your next RV can be equipped with solar preparation or optional solar packages.

Pinnacle: Your One-stop Destination For Online Casino Gaming

Pinnacle: Your One-stop Destination For Online Casino Gaming

This system gives you total control over your . Purpose-built by our product development team and our partners, you can monitor and control key operations from almost anywhere on a phone or tablet.

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JayVoice works with the existing MMAND® system to control functions like A/C, lights, furnace and more. The system is commanded by a wake-up word, «». When the word is spoken, the voice receiver lights up in the ceiling to indicate that it is listening for a command. Just say «» and any of the standard commands like «Main A/C» and you can operate a variety of systems with just a few words. The voice receiver is mounted centrally in the motorhome to allow use not only in the living area, but in other rooms throughout the unit.

The MMAND system gives RVers full control of their unit. The system is custom-built by product development teams with various vendor partners to allow owners to monitor and control key RV operations from a phone or tablet. Along with the new JayVoice system, RVers can now voice command these features to be or still have the freedom to use their phone or tablet while away from the RV.

The 5 Star Handling package is an exclusive blend of five high-end components selected and installed to provide a safer and more stable luxury five-wheel towing experience.

Extend your camping season with built-in protection against extreme heat and cold, even in temperatures of 100 degrees or zero degrees (Fahrenheit).

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The exclusive safety system adds several exterior lights controlled by the towing vehicle to indicate turning, braking, hill driving and dangerous situations, so a fraction of a second can make the difference.

Is one of the first companies to offer solar preparation or solar panels in every motorhome. Sidewall and roof preparation kits allow you to easily install solar panels for extra power at camp.

While other manufacturers often weld or modify standard frames, each motorhome is built on a custom-made frame, designed and sized specifically to best support each unit on and off the road for years to come.

Pinnacle: Your One-stop Destination For Online Casino Gaming

Each side wall, rear wall and sliding compartment wall are bonded together for a minimum of 16 minutes under 144 tons of pressure to create the lightest yet strongest construction available in the RV industry.

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When tested, the creatively engineered system withstood 4,500 pounds—50 percent more than competitor roofs. Walk with confidence on your device and feel safer in wind or snow storms. Waterfalls cascading over the cliff as snowflakes continue to melt nearby, even in late summer. The lake shore provides a pristine place to spend the night or simply enjoy the magnificent nature.

The hike to get to Pinnacle Lake is almost as exciting as the destination with ancient trees, soothing valley views, creek pools and an impressive waterfall.

The distance of 4.5 km one way may be short, but it is made surprisingly challenging with numerous creek crossings and lots of mud.

Pinnacle Lake is a beautiful alpine destination in the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. This position includes: Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate

Remember to leave no trace to help preserve wildlife. Pinnacle Lake does not currently have park protection.

A recent trip to Monica Meadows and Jumbo Pass (both near Kaslo) sparked my inspiration to find other hiking trails outside of provincial and national parks.

With our recent adventure in Vernon in mind, I turned my attention to the nearest mountain range – the Monashees.

Pinnacle: Your One-stop Destination For Online Casino Gaming

Using our Kootenay Rockies Backroad Mapbook, I found a collection of short trails (15 km or less) in the Pinnacles, just east of Vernon. Bingo! ON this trip we also hiked to Twin Lakes.

Pinnacle Lake, Monashee Mountains: Complete Hiking Guide

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A small group of rocky peaks, the Pinnacle Mountains are part of the Monashees range. There are more than 300 named mountains in the Monashee Mountains, ranging from glacial peaks in the north (near Valemount) to tree-covered mountains further south (Washington, USA).

While the highest peak is Mount Monashee (3274m), the best-known peak is Mount Begie, which lies above Revelstoke. Before this trip we had only appreciated the highest peaks of the Monashees from afar.

The 9 km return hike to Pinnacle Lake begins with an introduction to the creek, which the trail will follow for most of the trip. A rope strung across the crossing signifies the challenge of high tides in the first weeks of summer.

Hotel Pinnacle Gate

The trail section that follows is unusually wide and flat. Old timber sticks out from the ground underfoot. The name of the nearby river, Railroad Creek, suggests an early industrial past.

Over a cattle grid through two small meadows and we arrive to my surprise in an old forest with a soft carpet of ferns. The size of the cedars here is simply extraordinary, and not something I ever expected on this alpine adventure.

Cedar trees prefer a wet environment, so the mud wasn’t too far away. It also stretches giants, covering up to 50m of trail at a time. Being late summer, the mud wasn’t as bad as it probably would have been earlier in the season.

Pinnacle: Your One-stop Destination For Online Casino Gaming

Beyond the mud it was time for the biggest river crossing. The other side met us with a narrow, wet path through shoulder-high foliage. Nettles shot through our ankles as the trail began a slow climb.

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Avalanche-like and rugged peaks began to appear high above us and then suddenly a waterfall! As we tumbled out from a plateau above us, it was clear that the road to Pinnacle Lake took us quite close to the falls. But I didn’t guess how close.

As we neared the very base of the falls, the trail suddenly sent us in the other direction to begin a series of steep descents. Most of the road’s height is achieved here. Fallen trees, rocks and giant roots proved to be both obstacles and assets as we climbed along the falls.

While you could hear the water, we could only catch glimpses. Near the top we are finally able to look out over the plunging water and enjoy the view of the valley.

From here we had the choice between following the stream (possible at low water level) or several paths to the final approach to the lake.

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Full of turban pools, moss and wild flowers, the cove is definitely the prettier of the two roads. As we drove right to the edge of the lake, the view opened up to reveal a spectacular circle, ring of rock, snow and trees.

After a path to the left I found a huge rock to sunbathe on while JR took a dip in the (frozen) lake. After lunch it was time to head back the way we came and leave the solitude of Pinnacle Lake.

In the five hours we spent in the area, we saw no one at the lake and no one on the trail. To experience such beauty is always incredible, but to be alone in a pristine wilderness is simply wonderful. For such a relatively short hike, this left a big impression on me.

Pinnacle: Your One-stop Destination For Online Casino Gaming

Inspired to check out Pinnacle Lake for yourself? Read on to find out everything you need to know about this beautiful hiking trail near Cherryville, BC.

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The best time to go this route is the end of August and the beginning of September. The path mostly follows a stream and therefore has some very muddy sections. Later in the summer, the mud dries up a bit and is more manageable.

There are quite a few creek crossings that can make this hike more difficult when the water level is high (spring/early summer). Crossing the creek at the beginning can have knee-deep water in July and August.

During our visit (second week of September) the water level in this first bay was very low and made crossing very easy. We still experienced mud on the trail, but only in reasonably short stretches. The area at the base of the falls had many tall trees due to the growth during the summer.

Another factor to consider is height. The starting elevation for the Pinnacle Lake trail is approx

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