Rivalry: The Casino Site That Offers A World Of Fun And Wins In India – Sports betting and entertainment company Revelry Corp. announced on Tuesday that it has expanded its product offering in the casino segment. The company’s new offering is available online in markets under the company’s Isle of Man license, with Ontario expected to follow in the coming months. Users who compete in these markets can now play and bet on the popular Aviator online game in the «Crash» category.

Rivals co-founder and CEO Steven Salz said, «Our strategy is to continually expand our product offering and provide our customers with fresh content consistent with our brand.»

Rivalry: The Casino Site That Offers A World Of Fun And Wins In India

Rivalry: The Casino Site That Offers A World Of Fun And Wins In India

«With a strong base in esports betting and a growing traditional sports business, offering a casino in an authentically competitive way is the next step for us. Aviator is an excellent choice as our first third-party casino game , since it’s simple, fun. easy to learn, and There’s an element of live chat online with our focus on the community,» he said.

Rivalry Details Increased Revenue And Betting Handle In Preliminary Q3 2022 Announcement

The basis of the Aviator is the plane that flies and flies above it, the bet multiplier increases continuously until the moment the plane flies. Players who «cash out» in time win their bet at that multiplier, while those who wait too long do not.

Powered by a proprietary random number generator, the game is risky but offers high payout potential, says Rival, which highlights the title is excellent on mobile and desktop with a simple user interface and sessions of fast game

«The multiplayer format and the ability to interact with other players provides a social aspect, as opposed to traditional online slots and casino games whose solitary experience is less attractive to the younger demographic,» the company said. .

For many online betting companies, casinos represent their biggest vertical in terms of betting handles and revenue, but that was not the approach taken by the company. «Until now, Rivalry has focused on building an industry-leading sports betting experience, a traditional sports betting offering, and its innovative multiplayer online gambling (MMOGG) category, starting with Rushlane,» Rivalry said in a press release.

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The company sees a «significant potential growth opportunity» by adding a third-party casino offering for the first time. «With more consistency of customer returns than a sports book and no seasonality, it can also provide greater stability throughout the calendar year of sporting events,» they added.

The rival explained that it is using the trust of its loyal customer base to build on its esports betting business by adding a casino. The company believes that the trust it has built over the years will allow «faster organic adoption of new product offerings such as casinos.»

Rival’s casino offering will complement the MMOGG category, which the company debuted last year with the launch of Rushlane. The company plans to continue building its MMOGG universe and plans to add more games to its casino offering in the coming quarters.

Rivalry: The Casino Site That Offers A World Of Fun And Wins In India

Both offers, third party casino and MMOGG, fall under the umbrella of Rival Games, one of the key pillars of the company’s business. «Both believe the rival complements each other as part of a cohesive strategy to deliver compelling experiences to a global customer base,» the company concluded.

Rivalry Adds Mobile Esports Betting To Sportsbook Amid Segment Growth

DraftKings reports revenue of $855M in Q4 2022, projects fiscal year revenue to fall between $2B and $3B this year Gaming and media company Rivalry Corp. has now launched its online eSports and traditional sports betting service in Australia, the business announced on Monday. The rival has now accepted its first deposit and terms, landing under its last regulated market after launching in Ontario last month.

The launch follows the approval earlier this year of Rivalry’s sports bookmaker license by the Northern Territory Racing Commission under the Racing and Betting Act 1983 (NT), allowing Rivalry to operate legally throughout the country. The business is set to apply its youth demographic approach to sports games and marketing.

«We are very excited to bring Rivalry to Australian customers,» said Rivalty co-founder and CEO Steven Salz. «We have a very different approach to traditional betting operators, and we have been particularly successful among Gen Z and young millennials around the world.»

We’re live in Australia 🇦🇺 on @RivalryGLHF $RVLY! Choppy markets, but we have always operated prudently and have and will continue to execute. https://t.co/0Fphn1zOFI — Steven Salz (@StevenSalz) May 9, 2022

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Australian residents can now legally access Rivalry’s full sportsbook on the product site, allowing guests to bet on the full spectrum of traditional sports such as football, boxing, basketball and more . It also offers betting on esports, including popular titles Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, among others.

«We are very keen to build our brand equity in Australia through a series of innovative activations and campaigns as we ramp up services for the rest of 2022,» Salz added. «As we do everywhere, serving and helping to grow the esports and gaming community will be a priority for us.»

Based in Toronto, Rivals Corporation wholly owns and operates betting and media property Revelry Ltd., which offers online betting in esports, traditional sports and casino «for the next generation of bettors.»

Rivalry: The Casino Site That Offers A World Of Fun And Wins In India

There is more to come for us at 🇦🇺. Welcome @Midbeast. https://t.co/QpqiPGwpKK — Steven Salz (@StevenSalz) May 9, 2022

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The company’s youth and esports-oriented approach has paid off of late. The business last month shared record results for the fourth quarter and year-end 2021, including a handle of CAD $78.2 million ($60.9 million) for the full year, an increase of 202% year-on-year; And a betting handle of CAD $24.9 million ($19.4 million) for Q4, up 389% YoY.

The pace is fueled by the economic costs of customer acquisition and strong repayment periods, the business said, with the pace now continuing into 2022.

The new year saw the company launch in Ontario on April 4, the first day of regulated online gambling in the Canadian province, the largest in the country and the first to place bets on a legal private gambling market online.

«Launching in our home market feels like a dream come true, and a very important milestone in the creation of our leading global brand,» Salz said last month. Rivals, an internationally controlled sports betting and media company, today announced the expansion. Its casino offer with a list of eight new games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and more. This includes a variety of single-player table games, as well as live dealer and multiplayer offerings that will be added to the rival’s casino product, Casino.exe.

Play The Latest And Greatest Casino Games At Rivalry

«Our entry into the casino segment last year provided valuable diversification to the business, reducing the impact of seasonality in sports betting, improving margin stability, and adding incremental revenue while continuing to deliver l ‘economics of the profitable customer unit,’ said Steven Salz. – Founder and CEO. «We hope this expansion of our casino offering will further increase revenue potential and promote lasting engagement among our users with a curated list of games suited to our demographic.»

The continued expansion of the rival’s casino game portfolio comes after its initial product offering, Aviator, last summer, followed by the addition of four new games in November. The casino has had an immediate material impact on the company since its launch, contributing 30% of betting handles and 15% of revenue in Q3 2022 with minimal marketing efforts.

«Our strategic approach to customer engagement can be seen in our casino offering and gaming suite, leveraging product innovation to create a customizable and proprietary experience that fits specifically with our core user demographic,” Salz continued. «This strategy has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from competitors and respond to the changing demands of consumers with a curated, fun and social experience. This focus is reflected in our selection of games, priorities of interactive and multiplayer titles that will compete with traditionally siled casino gaming experiences.and Better equipped to serve our audience.

Rivalry: The Casino Site That Offers A World Of Fun And Wins In India

All eight newly added games will be housed in Casino.exe, a first-of-its-kind casino user interface designed to establish a uniquely fun and interactive gaming experience for competitors. The company will continue to release Casino.exe with new features and more third-party games and in-house developed for a generation of bettors born on the Internet.

Rivalry Already Advertised Directly In The Game. Gg…

The casino offering is available online in markets operating under the company’s Isle of Man license, with an Ontario launch expected to follow in the coming months.

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