Unleash The Fun With Royal Panda’s Online Casino Games – Panda-demic shows no signs of slowing down as we wrap up a year full of black and white releases as a new colorway enters the ring. If you’ve missed out on the Panda Dunk Lows or the many re-releases like the «Black Pandas» or «White Pandas,» then you might be in luck to get your hands on this new alternate colorway from Nike. Dunk Low «Reverse Panda»

A true inversion of the classic black and white release, this pair utilizes a black leather upper and tongues with white overlays, laces, liners and pure white Swooshes; also the left unit is joined, reverse black/white rubbers are used under the feet. There are some material shifts away from your overall release Dunk, with leather tongues instead of nylon and smooth leather Swooshes retained.

Unleash The Fun With Royal Panda’s Online Casino Games

Unleash The Fun With Royal Panda's Online Casino Games

A release date for this brand new Nike Dunk Low «Reverse Panda» is still unknown, but it is expected soon as part of the brand’s fall schedule. Until more information emerges, you can get your first look at the pair here, and as always, keep an eye on our official Twitter account for further updates.

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Adorable Baby Pandas Make Their Debut In China

We use cookies to optimize our website and service. By clicking the «Accept» button, you agree to the terms set forth in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. After years of disappointment, staff at Edinburgh Zoo have hoped a baby panda will be born this month. But is captive breeding really the way to save the species?

Around 5pm on March 25, a cold, wet Wednesday earlier this year, Tian Tian, ​​a female giant panda at Edinburgh Zoo, started crying from her wooden platform in her outdoor yard. Born at Beijing Zoo in 2003, Tian Tian has been attracting visitors since arriving in the UK in December 2011 with the zoo’s male panda Yang Guang. bigger and friendlier than the outside, but Tian Tian («Sweet») is the prettiest, most intelligent and striped panda.

These are unusual properties. Pandas are vegetarian bears with a slow metabolism. They live almost entirely on bamboo, which they digest poorly. They do everything they can to avoid overexertion. If you give Yang Guang a ball, he will see if he can eat it, then release him. And Tian Tian is known to jump behind the ball and bring it forward. Sometimes he hangs from the bars above his house — a pose his handlers call the «ninja panda» — just for fun. He’s not okay. Tian Tian dismisses the guards and sometimes sneakily swipes at the vets with his large claws as they pass by. «He’s got a mind of his own, obviously,» says Alison McLean, head panda keeper at Edinburgh Zoo, who loves him so much for this reason. «You have to be very careful around him.»

Unleash The Fun With Royal Panda's Online Casino Games

That afternoon, as they were getting ready to leave for the day, a group of pandas at the zoo paid special attention to Tian Tian. As he got up and walked to the bright green fence that separated his yard from Yan Guan’s, McLean, sitting in his office a few hundred yards away, followed him on one of the 16 cameras that monitor the bears around the clock. The end of March is in the middle of the short, fragile and confusing panda breeding season. Female pandas only ovulate once a year. The optimal window for them to mate — the «drop zone» in zoo parlance — is about 24 hours. Depending on the bear’s climate, diet and volatility, the build-up to this point is noticeable and can last for weeks, or it can come on suddenly and without warning. «The signs can be very subtle,» says Simon Girling, chief veterinarian at Edinburgh Zoo. «We’re always worried we’re going to miss a window.»

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On the screen, McLean saw Tian Tian approach the net and continue his conversations. Pandas, who have evolved to live alone, are kept in separate enclosures in zoos to prevent them from killing each other. The only exception to this is the breeding season, when bears are invited to hang out and eventually, as the euphemism goes, «introduced.» Seeing Tian Tian through the iron bars, Yang Guan, who was sitting in the cave in the afternoon eating, called back. «We thought it was very good,» McLean said, «very interactive, very good.»

McLean is cautious, however. Since the arrival of the pandas, the team at Edinburgh Zoo have made three attempts to breed the bears – with much fanfare and public interest – and each attempt has ended in disappointment. After reviewing those efforts at the end of 2014, this season has brought with it an added sense of pressure. But the guards have come up with a couple of new tricks. A few weeks earlier, McLean had imbibed the urine of Long Hui, the imposing male panda kept at the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna, filling the air with competition and opportunity through the yard of Yang Guang and Tian Tian. «He spent a lot of time sniffing and seeing what was going on,» McLean said. «He came out and was just like, ‘Oh! «He was everywhere.»

But, as in previous years, much of the keepers’ matchmaking work took the form of minute monitoring—bamboo consumption, behavior, daily pictures of Tian Tian’s vulva—to ensure everyone was ready for the big moment. An important part of this observation is the analysis of hormones in Tian Tian’s urine. Starting in mid-March, McLean and his team are trying to collect up to four samples a day, but it’s a challenge. Females in heat have evolved to urinate in ponds and streams to warn potential mates, and although Tian Tian has been trained to urinate on command, he often refuses to obey. «He often says, ‘I’m catching this,'» McLean said. Guards run in with syringes to collect precious drops from the ground when he’s not looking.

Urine samples travel by bus or taxi to Edinburgh University endocrinologist Forbes Howie, but their ultimate interpretation is the domain of Iain Valentine, head of the panda project at Edinburgh Zoo. Valentine, a tall, toothy, lithe man, is Edinburgh’s powerful man and mastermind, the man who first dreamed up the idea of ​​bringing pandas to Scotland, the northernmost place where the animals live, a decade ago. Since then, he has been the evangelist and architect behind the zoo’s efforts to produce Britain’s first baby panda. Every spring, 51-year-old Valentina spends several weeks poring over the changing levels of tead, giant panda, panda estrogen and progesterone, as well as various other proteins, looking for signs of impending ovulation – «double peaks». ” and “big drops” – and waiting for results after the lab.

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By the afternoon of March 25, Valentine was convinced that Tian Tian had reached «crossover» – the threshold at which her estrogen levels exceed progesterone – 12 days earlier, and that she would ovulate two to three days later. The precautionary measure is very important. Because pandas are so rare and their breeding opportunities so short, it is standard practice in zoos to artificially inseminate females, as well as try to mate them naturally. For scientific support and political cover (all pandas are officially on loan from the Chinese government), two experts from the CCRCGP—China’s premier panda research institution—are stationed at the Valentine’s Holiday Inn near the zoo. a group of visiting reproductive biologists

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